Better Ghana Ltd. is a fully Ghanaian owned company that focuses on Environmental Management Services, Project Management and Corporate Services among others. At Better Ghana Management Services Ltd, we seek first and foremost, to satisfy our clients by continuously improving our services to make them efficient and cost effective. 

We are wholly committed to building long lasting and closer relationships with our clients, government, local authorities, the community at large and even our competitors whom we would prefer to call our partners.

The company has set-up offices in all the ten regional capitals of Ghana to serve the administrative and operational needs of the programme. BGMSL is supported by a professional team of experts who have thorough training on efficient and effective health promotion strategies to provide quality services to their mandated regions/districts.


New guidelines for HIV treatment could see millions more people in developing countries getting life-saving medicine.

Everyone loves vitamins. Derived from the Latin word vita, meaning "life", vitamins are necessary for the conversion of food into energy. Millions of ...

Chances are you won’t feel like publicly donning only a bra and panties a month after giving birth—unlike, say, Heidi ...

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